Mar 23

Easter Mercy

For his mercy endures forever.” This is the refrain that repeats after each verse in Psalm 136 as it narrates the history of God’s revelation. By virtue of mercy, all the events of the Old Testament are replete with profound salvific import.”

Pope Francis, Misericordiae Vultus

Mercy Minute

Easter and Mercy

In the midst of Holy Week, we enter into a commemoration of the central mysteries of the Christian faith – the salvific death and resurrection of Jesus.  These mysteries reveal the depths of God’s mercy – a mercy that runs through all of history.

Jesus would have had a profound sense of this history of mercy.  As an observant Jew, for example, he would have sung Psalm 136 many times.  This Psalm traces salvation history from the creation of the world, to the liberation of Israel from slavery in Egypt, to Israel’s settlement in the promised land.  Each and every verse is echoed by the words:  “For his [God’s] mercy endures forever.”

“Within the very same context of mercy, Jesus entered upon his passion and death, conscious of the great mystery of love that he would consummate on the Cross. Knowing that Jesus himself prayed this psalm makes it even more important for us as Christians, challenging us to take up the refrain in our daily lives by praying these words of praise: “for his mercy endures forever” (Pope Francis).

In the days ahead, in the midst of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter, may each of us recall God’s mercy and sing with joy at the knowledge that it will never end.  Have a happy and blessed Easter!


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