Aug 21

Good Today, Better Tomorrow

GCU OL'sCatherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, once offered some advice which I now pass on to the GCU community as we begin this new academic year:

“The simplest and most practical lesson I know” Catherine said, “is to resolve to be good today, but better tomorrow. Let us take one day only in hands, at a time, merely making a resolve for tomorrow, thus we may hope to get on taking short, careful steps, not great strides.”

Letter to de Sales White February 28, 1841

Inspired by Catherine, I offer this prayer written for our first year students, but with a few adaptations, is appropriate for all our students:

Gracious God,
We invoke your blessing as we begin our semester’s journey
as students of Georgian Court University.

Today, we make new acquaintances –
Tomorrow, guide our steps toward deepening friendships.

Today, we begin new classes and projects –
May every tomorrow make us better students.

Today, we are members of a school of Mercy –
Let us seek a string of tomorrows that lead to a more just world.

Today, we step onto a challenging path –
Guide our steps toward a future destination worthy of our calling.

Gracious God,
Animate us with your divine Spirit.
May we be good today, better tomorrow,
and some day, the truly amazing people you created us to be.


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