Dec 12

Christmas at GCU

SALT Team ChristmasTechnically, it is still Advent.  But since the academic schedule gives our GCU community a break for Christmas, we celebrate on campus a bit early.  Campus Ministry hosted another successful Christmas Tree Blessing and Lighting on the 4th.  Our SALT Team held a Christmas Party here at the Gatekeeper’s Lodge on Tuesday.  Just a few moments ago, I helped load a car full of Christmas presents donated to Providence House through our Giving Tree Project.

As a Freshmen Seminar Class instructor, my mantra for the semester has been:  “Connect your life and your classwork to our GCU Core Mercy Values!”  It is especially easy at this time of year, and in this community, to see how these values are alive here at GCU.

Tree Blessing

Tree Blessing

Service and compassion are surely at work in the generosity of our students, faculty and staff as they donate gifts to families in need.  Respect was apparent in the affirmations and thank-yous that were a part of SALT’s gift exchange.  A cry for justice was offered by candlelight during a vigil held by the peace pole last week.  Finally, there is integrity in a Catholic school that displays a nativity while also advocating for other migrant families.  (Remember, the Holy Family traveled to Bethlehem for the census and then fled to Egypt to escape persecution…)

Campus Ministry wishes our GCU Community a blessed Advent and a joy-filled Christmas!


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  1. Debbie D'Agostaro

    Merry Christmas Jeff, and many thanks for all that you and your team do at GCU!

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