Aug 22

Divine Spirit Prayer

I’ve had a few requests for the Prayer of Blessing that I offered at the  New Student Induction Ceremony on August 21, 2014.  It goes with my last post.   Here it is:

McAuley Quote that inspired the prayer:

“May God bless and animate you with His own divine spirit, that you may prove it is Jesus Christ you love and serve with your whole heart.”

Letter to Frances Warde October 23, 1837


Gracious God,

As we begin this academic year,

animate us with your divine Spirit.


Breathe into us the gift of Compassion.

Help us to embrace the joys and sorrows of others,

and teach us the art of human kindness,

so we may live as one human family.


Create within us the gift of Respect.

Fill us with appreciation for the sacredness of every person,

and reveal the unique giftedness hidden within,

so your unfailing love will be revealed in our relationships.


Nourish our souls with the gift of Integrity.

Nurture our honesty, sincerity and moral character,

and guard our way on the narrow path,

so we may become ever more fully the persons you created us to be.


Enliven our desire for Justice.

Rouse us from indifference for those oppressed and marginalized,

and strengthen us to work tirelessly on their behalf,

so the reign of God may dawn upon the earth.


Fill our hearts with the lifeblood of Service.

Provide the spark that sets our hearts in motion,

to help the poor, lift the oppressed and welcome the stranger,

so we may imitate Catherine McCauley as servants of mercy.


Gracious God,

Animate us with your divine Spirit.

Bless both the students of Georgian Court University and their parents,

so “that all might have life,

and have it to the full.”  (John 10: 10)


By Jeff Schaffer

GCU Campus Ministry



  1. Barbara

    A beautiful prayer!!! Thank you 🙂

  2. Barbara Petrillo

    A beautiful Prayer!! Thank you:)

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